Elevate your research

Join our team of experts during our first NanoTemper Technologies Workshop in Belgrade to discover the innovative ways of using NanoTemper products in your research. Learn how to set up assays and perform measurements on the latest generation of devices. Collect valuable data and learn how to befriend biophysics with us.

What you can expect

Discover why binding affinity matters. Learn how you can advance your small molecule studies and speed up your drug discovery process by using innovative solutions.

Discuss your own projects and attend a live demonstration of NanoTemper instruments to gather hands-on experience.

Explore faster and easier ways to analyze protein folding and aggregation. Learn about tools for formulation development, biosimilar screening, and workflow optimization.


Saturday, 16 November 2019
15:00 Opening remarks and introduction to NanoTemper Technologies solutions
Dr. Jakub Nowak, NanoTemper Technologies
15:30 Discussion of user’s samples
16:00 Experimental work
18:00 End of day 1
Sunday,  17 November 2019
09:00 High precision protein stability assessment by nanoDSF
Małgorzata Poczopko, NanoTemper Technologies
09:30 MicroScale Thermophoresis assay development and data analysis
Dr. Jakub Nowak, NanoTemper Technologies
10:00 Experimental work
12:30 Lunch break
13:15 Experimental work
16:30 End of day 2


Space is limited for the hands-on session. Register soon to reserve your spot.

Who should attend?

All scientists who have an interest in biophysics, biochemistry, and protein research

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16th- 17th November 2019

University of Belgrade Faculty of Chemistry

Belgrade, Serbia

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