Is your research stuck because of these reasons?

There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all method for getting a Kd.

You’re using up too much of your sample

Your interaction has a low Kd and requires a highly sensitive method to detect it

You have a difficult target — a membrane protein or bispecific molecule

Your current technique requires immobilization and that interferes with your binding site

You find it impossible to optimize assay and regeneration conditions

You’re starting at the wrong concentration

Monolith MST is here to help.

See why OncoArendi chose Monolith MST
for measuring binding affinites

3 reasons OncoArendi Therapeutics chose
Monolith MST

  1. They needed a tool that was able to detect the binding of small molecules
  2. They wanted an immobilization-free method so they could measure interactions in a solution rather than on a surface
  3. They needed to use as little sample material as possible and were able to use a low sample concentration

Swiftly measure binding interactions using very little sample with Monolith MST

Get results quickly
Capture measurements in minutes not hours or even days. Collect more information and make better decisions on what to do next, sooner.

Measure any sample type
Easily measure binding interactions between molecules of different sizes, molecular weights or pM to mM binding affinities.

Consume very little sample
Generating sample is already hard enough and using it all up for analysis is heartbreaking. Get Kd values with just a tiny amount of sample.

Do minimal sample prep
Saving a bit of time here and there adds up so the less time prepping samples, the better. Analyze samples in any buffer or bioliquid and in close-to-native conditions. And purification or immobilization isn’t needed either.

Optimize assays easily
Feedback is immediate and doesn’t take days or weeks to get up and running—this makes optimizing assays so much easier.

Evaluate the most difficult targets
Running into a roadblock? Get results even when other methods don’t work.

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quickly measure binding affinity using very little sample

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