Elevate your research

Join scientists from your region to discuss your projects involving protein characterization and biophysical measurements. Learn how to setup assays and perform measurements on the latest generation of devices.

What you can expect

Get detailed insights into Microscale Thermophoresis (MST), a tool for quantitative analysis of biomolecular interactions and nanoDSF, the method of choice for analysis of protein folding, aggregation and stability.

Get feedback from experienced users, or discuss your own projects with NanoTemper’s Application Specialists.

Perform binding assays on MST (NanoTemper will provide relevant sample systems) and assess the stability of your protein prep utilizing nanoDSF.


Tuesday, July 17th
9:30 Registration and Welcome Reception
10:00 Introduction to Microscale Thermophoresis (MST)
(Christian Kleusch, PhD – NanoTemper Technologies)
10:30 Antimalarial Drug Discovery: Structural Insights
(Sergej Lunev, PhD – Groningen Drug Discovery)
11:00 Short Break with Coffee & Drinks
11:15 Introduction to nanoDSF Technology
(Katarzyna Walkiewicz, PhD – NanoTemper Technologies)
11:45 Immune receptor stability and ligand binding measured by nanoDSF
(Ankur Saikia, M.Sc. – Jacobs University Bremen, Biochemistry Department)
12:15 Discussion & Networking Lunch Session with NanoTemper’s Application Specialists and Guests
1:30-5:00 Hands-on Lab Session with Monolith (MST) and Prometheus (nanoDSF)
Wednesday, July 18th
9:00-1:00 Hands-on Lab Session with Monolith (MST) and Prometheus (nanoDSF)

Who should attend?

Anyone working in the field of structural biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, who is looking at precise ways of measuring biomolecular interactions, protein stability, and aggregation and is characterizing protein’s function in-depth.

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July 17-18, 2018

Biomolecular Interactions & Protein Stability Workshop

Cryo-EM Facility H.R. Kruytbuilding | Utrecht University, The Netherlands


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