Making the invisible visible─The new NT.115Pico

NanoTemper announces the completion of the development of a new type of Monolith-Series instrument: The Monolith NT.115Pico. It combines the well-known advantages of the Monolith-Series like immobilization-free analysis in any buffer or bio liquid and the broad application range with the ability to measure affinities down to 10 pM with excellent resolution. “Our newly developed fluorescence detector for the NT.115Pico increases sensitivity for fluorescent molecules by several orders of magnitude” says Dr. Philipp Baaske, CEO of NanoTemper.
The new instrument is available now and allows NanoTemper to offer the benefits of MST to customers that characterize high-affinity binding events such as antibody-antigen interactions. The instrument will be presented to a broader audience at the 9th European Biophysics Congress in Lisbon.