Canther – Dr. Xavier Thuru, Romain Magnez, Dr. Isabelle Van Seuningen

In any biophysical or biochemical experiment, it’s important to make sure the samples used are suitable for the job. We daily perform experiments on Tycho NT.6 to avoid poor to bad sample quality and to become more productive. We make use of data collected by Tycho in almost ten different projects to either analyze protein stability, or to test ligand binding to proteins in a thermal shift assay.

Another instrument that is part of our platform at Canther is the Monolith NT.115 Pico. Using MST, we already successfully determined Kds of thousands of ligands against various types of proteins and oligonucleotides. Measurements have been done using GFP fused proteins extracted from cell lysates or using the Monolith His-Tag Labeling Kit RED-tris-NTA for his-tagged proteins.

Watch the pre-recorded webinar on how Romain Magnez, Technical Manager at Canther, used MST for the binding affinity analysis of PD-1 and PD-L1 directly in cell lysate.

Dr. Xavier Thuru, Scientific Manager
Romain Magnez, Technical Manager
Dr. Isabelle Van Seuningen, Laboratory Director

Lille, France