CEITEC – Michaela Wimmerová – nanoDSF

nanoDSF technology is frequently used within the Biomolecular Interactions and Crystallization Core Facility of CEITEC. Most often we use Prometheus NT.48 to identify the optimal buffer conditions for protein stability prior to crystallization trials to improve the likelihood of protein crystals forming. Also, nanoDSF is used as a screening technique to test for the stabilizing effects induced by the binding of low molecular weight ligands or ions to the biomolecules. Prometheus NT.48 is a user-friendly instrument with little demands on sample consumption. Compared to standard DSF experimental setup, it is a label-free platform, which gives the data with very good precision. In my opinion, Prometheus NT.48 is an excellent choice for performing the stability assays of proteins.


Prof. Dr. Michaela Wimmerová
Brno, Czech Republic