CEITEC – Michaela Wimmerová – MST

Since we are specialized in the study of biomolecular interactions, recently acquired Monolith NT.115 nicely complements other instruments operated in our Core Facility (e.g. calorimeters, SPR biosensors, analytical ultracentrifuge). Due to the low sample consumption and short time required for the setup of the experiment, we have been using MicroScale Thermophoresis mainly as a preliminary screening method for potential ligands of the biomolecules tested. We have encountered rare cases of proteins where the aforementioned techniques failed due to protein precipitation and MST was the only applicable technique to get Kd of the interaction. I find the MicroScale Thermophoresis a valuable tool for the study of interactions and I also appreciate the excellent customer services done by the representatives of NanoTemper Technologies. They are always very helpful in terms of experimental setup and data analysis.


Dr. Michaela Wimmerová
Brno, Czech Republic