Celon Pharma – Dr. Mikolaj Matloka

At Celon Pharma we work with target proteins that lack enzymatic activity, which makes screening for potential drug candidates very challenging. MST provides us a new approach that brings a fast and reliable solution to this problem. With Monolith NT.115 we could finally perform single-dose screening with our target for which no other rapid screening methods were available. We expanded our use of Monolith to include it for the screening of small molecule-protein and protein-protein interactions in most of our ongoing R&D projects. The benefits offer by this technology over other methods are multiple: reduced costs due to low protein consumption, time saving for screening campaigns due to fast run times, easy setup for everyone in the lab to use, analysis software with useful tools and, last but not least, great technical support available 24/7. Summarizing, Monolith is a very valuable asset in our laboratory and should be considered by scientist for their screening campaigns.


Dr. Mikolaj Matloka

Dr. Mikołaj Matłoka
Team Leader
Celon Pharma SA
Warsaw, Poland