DuPont Industrial Biosciences – Mariliz Johnson

DuPont Industrial Biosciences recently acquired its first Prometheus NT.48 nanoDSF instrument. We went through an extensive head to head comparison among other similar technologies and the nanoDSF stood out like a champion. We quickly fell in love and made it the new workhorse in our lab. The instrument provides great data quality of denaturation events with impressive signal to noise ratio, high density of data points, and extraordinary reproducibility making day to day analysis consistent and trustworthy. In addition, the instrument is straight forward to use and data very simple to analyze. We literally, got it, plugged it and started playing in no time.

We started employing the Prometheus to characterize protein samples in early stages of development as well as evaluating formulation stability of super concentrated protein solutions. The instrument is very versatile since measurements require very small sample volume, minimal effort in sample preparation and can handle relevant industrial protein concentrations of up to ~200 mg/mL. In this context, we appreciate the easy sample handling since samples are loaded directly from stock solutions into self-filling capillaries avoiding time consuming and complicated sample preparation steps, even for ultra-concentrated samples. Denaturation events missed by other DSF-type measurements, especially with super concentrated protein sample solutions, are clearly revealed through the high density of data points, yielding same data quality as the gold standard DSC.

Overall, we are very pleased and impressed with the many great qualities of the Prometheus. It will certainly allow us to bridge the gap between molecule screening, selection and product development. We are grateful to NanoTemper for creating this unique biophysical tool as well as for their outstanding and one of a kind customer service.


Dr. Mariliz Johnson
DuPont Industrial Biosciences
Palo Alto, CA USA