imusyn – Clemens Schneeweiß

We initially rented Tycho NT.6 for a month and within this time, we were able to perform a large number of experiments that changed the course of our R&D dramatically. With the help of Tycho, we found out that our proteins behave differently from what we expected, and got a good idea of how to improve their quality. We have since been able to confirm our hypothesis with other methods and have made considerable progress in a very short time. I estimate that we would have needed at least a year to come to this level of knowledge using conventional methods such as gel chromatography and fluorescence assays. In light of this quick discovery, we were soon convinced to buy a Tycho for our R&D lab, and we are also considering to include it in our regular production processes.

Clemens Schneeweiß
Head of R&D Molecular Biology
Hanover, Germany