La Trobe University – Dr. Tatiana Soares da Costa

At our Proteomics Platform at La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia), we have a Monolith NT.LabelFree and a Monolith NT.115. As an academic manager of the facility and group leader, I have been using both instruments for over 5 years. We have used MST to probe protein-small molecule and protein-protein interactions to guide our drug discovery program. One of the main advantages of using the MST is the low amount of samples required. I also frequently get told by people I train about how user-friendly the instrument and software are. The MST instruments have become an integral part of my research and our facility, and have led to several publications and collaborations. An important consideration for us is to minimize the amount of inhibitors used for initial screen, which we can do with the MST. We can also measure the interaction in solution, without the need for immobilization.

Dr. Tatiana Soares da Costa
ARC DECRA Fellow, Biochemistry
Department of Biochemistry and Genetics
La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS)
La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia