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The Prometheus nanoDSF enhances SAR for biologic engineering projects. We use Prometheus to evaluate molecules at early stages in HT-mode, taking advantage of its sensitivity to avoid costly scale up of candidates that will not move forward. Early screening by differential scanning calorimetry is not feasible with microgram-scale transfections or 1-day turnaround timelines that are routine in the early stages of antibody humanization. Thus, Prometheus enables the use of antibody domain stability as a critical ranking parameter in order to make the best choice of a stable antibody.
Additionally, the simultaneous acquisition of unfolding and aggregation data is more insightful than either alone. Because we could compare all aspects, Prometheus revealed an unanticipated interaction between domains of a non-antibody fusion protein that rendered the molecule unmanufacturable despite its robust activity in functional assays. Subsequently, we were able to better understand this molecule and re-focus engineering designs to address an unwanted molecular liability in our final designs.


Alan Kutach

Alan Kutach
Principal Scientist
NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc.