OncoArendi Therapeutics – Lukasz Krzeminski

MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) is a quick and easy-to-use biophysical method offering quantitative information on biomolecular interactions in solution. Much of what immediately drew us to the method was immobilization-free approach, fast setup, low sample consumption and maintenance-free instrument – things we appreciate every day using this technology. We have been successfully using Monolith NT.115 to measure small molecule-protein binding affinities from the day one. We find the method a good alternative to our standard enzymatic assays and invaluable approach to proteins without enzymatic activity. We are appreciative of all MST instrument readouts, which allow us not only for Kd determination but also to control the sample aggregation and learn more about protein-ligand binding mechanism. We consider the MST a highly valuable method and recommend it to anyone seeking very sensitive solution-based binding assay.


Dr. Lukasz Krzeminski
Department of Biology
OncoArendi Therapeutics
Warsaw, Poland