Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals – Alexander Bepperling

We have successfully implemented the Prometheus NT.48 device into our workflow for antibody characterization and optimization at Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals. We frequently use nanoDSF for thermal stability determination at different stages during the development of our biosimilar projects. It is an enabling technology for our projects since it reports with very high precision and high resolution on multiple unfolding transitions. We especially appreciate that the capillary-based measurement is not compromised by formation of protein aggregates since aggregates do not interfere with data collection. Intriguingly, the sensitivity and the resolution of the unfolding curves are not affected at all. Furthermore, we benefit from convenient usage, the instruments’ throughput and its little sample consumption when comparing to classical CD spectroscopy.


Dr. Alexander Bepperling
Lab Head Biophysical Characterization
Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals