Sanofi R&D – Alexey Rak – nanoDSF

Native, intrinsic fluorescence based nanoDSF technology has been quickly integrated in our standard operations and is applied nowadays in every project we are currently working on, including small molecules and biologics modalities. We are using Prometheus for initial screening as well as for lead optimization profiling of small molecules and fragments and for stability characterization of therapeutic proteins. Furthermore, nanoDSF is an invaluable tool for quality control since the fraction of unfolded protein can be quantified just within a few seconds. The Prometheus NT.48 instrument is maintenance-free and provides an easy to use handling platform. The capillary format allows us to even measure highly viscous formulation conditions. We experienced that nanoDSF technology is superior to standard DSF regarding its application range as well as in terms of precision, reproducibility, wider applicability and greater potential for new applications development.”


Dr. Alexey Rak
Sanofi R&D