Targenomix – Sebastian Klie

With Targenomix being focused on target identification of small molecules, the protein quality is a major concern for us. As we work with a wide range of different protein species, the only way to provide premium data is to routinely test our protein samples for their stability and quality.

nanoDSF is the method of choice for our quality control procedure which we now apply as the very first step in every project since it allows very quick measurements and provides detailed information on sample properties.

The broad concentration range of the Prometheus NT.48 allows us for the first time to investigate protein stability at very different protein concentrations. Since proteins can both be stabilized or destabilized with increasing protein concentrations, this analysis is crucial for the development of the experimental conditions for further binding assays, such as MST. Moreover, nanoDSF provides us key parameters for optimal handling and storage conditions. Related to this, we appreciate the high reproducibility and resolution of the unfolding data obtained with the Prometheus NT.48.


Dr. Sebastian Klie
Targenomix GmbH
Potsdam, Germany