UMCS – Dr. Przemyslaw Grela

We are very passionate in our quest to understand the molecular basis of the translation process. Our work focuses on the structural, biophysical and cellular outcomes of the functioning eukaryotic ribosome. In particular, we look at the GTPase associated center and its main functional element: the structure called P-stalk, which is thought to be responsible for the recruitment of translational GTPases and stimulation of factor-dependent GTP hydrolysis.
In the course of our study, the characterization of protein-protein interactions is of great interest, and we use a broad spectrum of biophysical techniques and methods to study the interplay of ribosomes with external factors. MST — the newest addition to our tool box — allows us to measure binding affinity with low sample consumption and the possibility of carrying out the measurements in solution without the need of immobilization


Dr. Przemyslaw Grela
Head of Protein Bioengineering Laboratory
Department of Molecular Biology
Maria Curie Sklodowska University
Lublin, Poland