About this eBook

Are you thinking about applying for a grant? Will this be your first time? Or was your grant rejected and you’re not sure what went wrong? Don’t know how or need help with getting started?

Whether it’s your first grant application or your tenth, this eBook is for you. Learn valuable tips that are applicable to all types of grants, from research grants to career development awards and more.

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What you’ll learn

Where to find sources of funding
There are grants for students and trainees, for junior faculty and for more seasoned researchers. Understand the different types of grants, what they cover, and where to find them.

How to plan smart
Grant writing is a huge undertaking. Learn how to plan smart, ask the right questions to define your idea, and get feedback to strengthen your application.

What components are necessary
Learn the main purpose and characteristics of common grant components. Get quick tips to help you write each section effectively. We’ll also highlight common mistakes (and how to avoid them).

How grant applications are evaluated
Are you wondering what happens after you submit your grant application? Get a better understanding of the review process and how to best use this time so you are prepared regardless of the outcome.

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