It’s hard to be productive when setting up experiments and figuring out what the data tells you about your candidate molecules is how you spend most of the time. Panta Control was designed to make your team more efficient with easy set up of multiple-parameters assays, built-in quality checks for your DLS data, and much more.

Learn more about your molecule’s stability status while using less sample

Look at thermal unfolding, size distribution and backreflection simultaneously from the same samples.

Get Tm, Tonset, Tturbidity, Tsize, and Tscattering automatically with built-in algorithms

Setting up assays with multiple measurements is actually super easy to do.

Trust your particle sizing results

DLS data is analyzed with built-in quality checks and data fitting to support all levels of expertise. Outliers are automatically flagged and removed from results and data is automatically fit with both regularization and cumulants fits to provide insight on your samples.

Set up assays in a modular fashion for added flexibility that suits your workflow

Effortlessly create basic experiments – like single thermal ramps or isothermal size analyses for a quick check. Then add more parameters, and the software queues them in the order you want.

Manage your results with data export formats that are compatible with LIMS and ELNs

Choose from multiple data export options like csv or Excel. For charts select png, svg, or copy them directly to the clipboard.

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