Prometheus NT.Plex: The Fully Automated Protein Stability Platform

Although just introduced at the end of 2014, nanoDSF is perceived as game-changing technology for measuring protein stability, with widespread use in the development of biopharmaceuticals and biosimiliars. To enhance ease-of-use and provide unattended operation, we officially launched the automated nanoDSF solution in May 2016: The new Prometheus NT.Plex is a high-performance nanoDSF instrument that provides high-quality protein unfolding curves, melting temperatures (Tm) and aggregation onsets (Tagg). In addition, it can provide Gibbs free enthalpy (ΔG) of a protein in just three seconds.

Using our new NT.Robotic Autosampler, the Prometheus NT.Plex can be integrated with the vast majority of liquid handling platforms. The autosampler is a very flexible platform based on proven technology. Depending on the configuration, the number of samples that can be processed and analyzed in an automated fashion is virtually unlimited.