King Abdullah University of Science and Technology – Stefan T. Arold

I’ve been using the Monolith NT.115 for almost 10 years and since then it has rapidly become a reliable, versatile and highly appreciated workhorse for my team projects. It uses single-use capillaries instead of chips or fixed sample holders and despite high usage and zero maintenance, our instrument never breaks down. You can test in almost unlimited sample types, including cell lysates without the risk of clogging or contamination. We have used Monolith to quantifying protein homodimerization in the presence of ligands or post-translational modifications, as well as to monitor slow interactions, which need minutes or hours to reach their equilibrium. The combination of ease of use, low sample consumption — a blessing for measuring low-affinity interactions — and user-friendly software —featuring a guided assay setup and quality checks — make it my team favorite analytical instrument. It is very important to thoroughly understand its principles and the characteristics of the chosen fluorescent label to obtain reliable results. However, in case of doubt or unusual results, the NanoTemper support team has always provided us with extraordinary assistance and advice.


Stefan T. Arold

Stefan T. Arold
Professor of Bioscience
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)