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Hello, we’re NanoTemper!

We create biophysical tools that give scientists the clarity, confidence, and momentum they need to discover future therapies — even difficult ones.

At NanoTemper, our vision is to help create a world where every disease is treatable. For us, that starts by equipping scientists with reliable tools that bring them the clarity, confidence, and momentum they need to discover future therapies, even difficult ones.

That’s why we build our tools with high-quality materials that give scientists the clearest results. We make our tools easy-to-learn. And, we support customers with strong scientific know-how throughout their journey.

Since 2008, research teams at top biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as leading research institutions around the world, have used NanoTemper tools to get ahead in their research.

Because the path to a disease-free world requires courage, big thinking, and collaboration, we’ll continue to create innovative products that meet the needs of our customers as they face new and difficult challenges.

Where our customers need us

At NanoTemper, we’ve expanded our team, our locations, and our network of distributors to best serve the needs of our customers.

We’re headquartered in Munich, Germany with representation in countries around the world including the United Kingdom, Poland, France, United States, Japan, China, and India.

South San Francisco

400 Oyster Point Blvd. Suite 336
South San Francisco, CA 94080
United States


9 Galen St. Suite 317A
Watertown, MA 02472
United States


20 Wellington Street East, Suite 500
Toronto, ON, M5E 1C5

Munich - Global Headquarters

Flößergasse 4
81369 München


Room 1609-1611,
Beijing Fortune Building, No. 5
North Dongsanhuan Road,
Chaoyang District
100004 Beijing


Room 1858, Bund Center,
222 Yan’an East Road
Huangpu District
200120 Shanghai


Level 19, Minato Mirai Center Building,
3-6-1, Minato mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi,
Kanagawa 220-0012


World Trade Center, 22nd Floor
Brigade Gateway Campus,
Malleswaram (W)


Life Science Park
ul.Bobrzyńskiego 14
30-348 Kraków

Distributor countries

We’re scientists ourselves

At NanoTemper, most of us are fellow scientists. So, we put our customers first — to understand their major challenges and find ways to move their research forward. As scientists, we believe that no matter what challenge arises, there’s always a solution waiting to be discovered.
We’re scientists ourselves

The values that guide us

Our values guide our work, our culture, and our commitment to help customers solve their biggest challenges.


We ask difficult questions to find clarity. We learn continuously and stay open-minded to be creative, bold, and innovative.


We share a sustainable high-performance mindset. We keep current and future customers at the core of our actions. Our contribution to their success makes a tangible difference and leaves a meaningful footprint.


With mutual trust, empathy and appreciation, we create a safe environment that releases our full potential. We are candid, encouraging, respectful, and truly care for each other.

Stephan Duhr and Philipp Baaske

Moving science forward is in our DNA

Stefan Duhr and Philipp Baaske, NanoTemper’s co-founders, set out to build a company to address challenges researchers were facing with the ultimate goal of helping to move science forward.

NanoTemper was started in 2008 after they met at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. At the time, the effect of thermophoresis was not known within the Life Sciences community, but Stefan and Philipp knew that it was important. Realizing the shortcomings of current protein research techniques, they came up with a method, MicroScale Thermophoresis that was enormously sensitive, and would bring researchers one step closer to developing better drugs faster.

Overcome your drug discovery challenges

Explore solutions to help you characterize your complex therapeutics, screen for more hits, or find affinities for diverse targets.
  • Prometheus

    Select ideal candidates with high⁠-⁠resolution stability data
  • Dianthus

    Screen and validate hits for challenging targets
  • Monolith

    Measure binding affinities in solution


Select ideal candidates with high⁠-⁠resolution stability data


Prometheus Panta uncovers multiple aspects of your protein’s stability with the highest quality data.

Measure conformational and colloidal stability in a single experiment to learn which constructs and buffer conditions are most ideal for preserving the integrity of your biologic therapeutics. Feel confident you’re selecting the best candidates with high-resolution data from Prometheus Panta.
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Screen and validate hits for challenging targets


Dianthus is a plate-based affinity screening platform that finds binding affinities in solution and delivers high-quality binding data with less assay development.

Get an affinity screening solution that avoids the pitfalls of immobilization for your fragment libraries, intrinsically disordered proteins, or PROTAC binary and ternary complexes. Screen hundreds of compounds in less time than alternative methods, and ensure you’re finding all your hits with Dianthus with Spectral Shift technology.

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Measure binding affinities in solution


Monolith enables you to measure the strength of molecular interactions in solution using minimal sample.

Trust an orthogonal tool to validate your binding results from other methodologies, or to get a Kd in challenging situations where other methods failed. With ultra-low sample consumption and versatile applications – including protein-protein interactions, small molecule affinities, and nucleic acid binding – Monolith is the best solution for your binding affinity experiments.

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Join the NanoTemper team

Everyone at NanoTemper, in every department, contributes to giving our customers momentum to discover and develop therapies. If you’re looking to make a big impact in a collaborative setting, NanoTemper is the place for you.

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