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Andromeda X

The next generation tool for monitoring protein expression is here!

Drug targets are becoming increasingly difficult to express, purify, and stabilize. With Andromeda X, you now have a tool that helps you optimize expression of all your recombinant proteins. Find the best expression systems, optimize induction conditions, and confirm your recombinant protein is folded, all before you run a single SDS-PAGE gel or chromatography column.

Andromeda X uses highly sensitive Spectral Shift technology to monitor and optimize expression levels for all your drug discovery workflows:

  • Antigen production
  • Enzymatic protein optimization
  • Small molecule drug target protein expression
  • Recombinant membrane proteins

To learn more about Andromeda X, or see for yourself how it helps you accelerate your protein expression optimization, contact a specialist today.

Andromeda left view, full instrument image
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