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5 drug discovery journals that are a must-read

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Jun 26, 2019
Science journals

There are several sources you can turn to if you’re looking to stay informed about the latest developments in drug discovery: speeches from experts, specialized news outlets and even specific LinkedIn groups. But if the evidence is what you’re looking for, there’s only one place you’ll find it: journals.

Peer-reviewed journals are critical for the progress of science. If research studies aren’t published, discoveries may be missed by scientists and never built on. But to help you cut through the confusion of deciding what journals to read, here’s a list of some of the most popular among the drug discovery field.


Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

As the name suggests, this journal publishes high-quality reviews covering the entire field. Each issue includes news stories about the hottest topics in drug discovery, summaries of key research papers, and updates on drug approvals, patent law and emerging industry trends.


Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

This journal focuses on understanding the relationship between molecular structure and biological activity. It includes topics on the design and development of drug candidates as well as structural and computational studies of relevant targets and ligands.


Molecular Therapy

This Cell press journal covers the development of molecular and cellular therapeutics to correct genetic and acquired diseases. It includes research on gene transfer and editing, vector development and design, stem cell manipulation, vaccine development, pre-clinical target validation, safety/efficacy studies, and clinical trials.


Natural Product Report (NPR)

Rather than giving a very comprehensive overview of all results, this journal focuses on key developments that have shaped all areas of natural products research. It includes topics such as isolation, structural determination, biological activity and synthesis.


Medicinal Research Reviews

With critical reviews and opinion-based articles on topics related to medicinal research, this journal covers new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of various diseases. It also highlights detailed analyses of drug structure, function, metabolism and delivery.