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5 reasons to attend an MST user training

3 min read
Jun 20, 2019
MST Training

Research is a tricky endeavor — you have to balance discovering new phenomena, securing funding, working with people with a variety of backgrounds, and keeping up with the current research trends. One way to develop all these abilities at once is to attend an in-person training dedicated to a specific application. NanoTemper offers dedicated user trainings on MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) technology. Not convinced that spending a day outside your lab is the best for productivity? Here are five reasons why attending an MST user training can be beneficial for your scientific future.


1. Gain a new skill for your resume

Scientists are always looking for opportunities to grow. MST is a valuable resource to any lab studying biophysical interactions and attending a training is a great way to become an expert user of the system. As an expert, you can use this skill to bolster grant applications, enhance your resume, and mentor others in your laboratory. It’s never too late to learn a new skill!


2. Learn the best practices for developing assays

It’s so tempting to take shortcuts in the lab. Long hours and a vast number of experiments to run means that you’re often looking for ways to save time and energy. But it’s important to do experiments correctly the first time so you can avoid having to do more work later on. Learn the best practices for using the instruments and performing your experiments, what control steps are necessary, and how to optimize MST assays during this training.


3. Use your time in the lab wisely

Assay development can be the most time-consuming part of working on an experiment. Sure, everyone wants a magic solution that will immediately confirm their bold hypotheses, but science doesn’t always work that way. Whether you’re new to MST or a long-time user, this MST user training can help you become efficient at assay development and data interpretation, thus increasing your productivity and minimizing time devoted to troubleshooting in the lab.


4. Feel more confident in your data

It’s no secret that there’s a reproducibility crisis affecting biomedical research. How can you be sure that you’re not only publishing the best possible data, but also interpreting other’s research correctly? Our applications specialists have years of experience and can help you learn how to interpret and publish the best quality data from your lab so that you can feel confident in your own scientific integrity.


5. Meet collaborators

Networking is an important part of any career. The future of science lies in collaborative, cross-disciplinary efforts to eradicate disease and better understand biological systems. By attending an MST user training, you’ll have a unique opportunity to meet people in adjacent fields, who can offer a unique perspective on your research. This could be the first step in meeting a future collaborator for your next big project.


MST user trainings aren’t just about learning to use an instrument. They’re about learning how to efficiently produce reliable, trustworthy data to increase the success of your research. Do yourself a favor and learn a new skill today!


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