Automated High-Throughput Fragment Screen with MicroScale Thermophoresis

NanoTemper Technologies is well known for the characterization of compounds interacting with target proteins. So far, the technology was limited to the characterization of lead structures with low to intermediate throughput. Now, MicroScale Thermophoresis has been successfully applied in an automated fragment screening project against the MEK kinase! This benchmark study using Sanofi’s fragment library confirms the validity and extends the applicability of MST for early stages of drug development which require higher throughput! MST also provides additional insights into the inhibition mechanism since this technology is able to deduce information about the binding site and furthermore identifies potential false-positive results obtained on other platforms.

Visit our MST Drug Discovery Forum and be the first to explore MST in automated screening! Attend Sanofi’s presentation on their MST fragments screening results and discover how MST compares to other established biophysical methods in the industrial workflow.

Here you find further information about the Monolith NT.Automated instrument.