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ChromoTek uses Prometheus and discovers the extraordinary stability of their GBP:GFP complex

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Feb 3, 2017

Although traditional IgG antibodies are often used for immunoprecipitation and protein interaction analysis, GFP-binding protein (GBP, ChromoTek gt-250) and other ChromoTek VHHs easily outcompete them under challenging conditions such as elevated temperatures, varying pH or high denaturant concentrations. In fact, GBP tightly binds GFP-fusion proteins even in 8 M urea at 51 °C, which sets a new limit in protein complex stability, virtually unrivalled by any other capture molecule protein tag pair.

Using nanoDSF technology on the Prometheus NT.48, ChromoTek analyzed the thermal and chemical stability of GBP and its complex with GFP. Strikingly, they found the melting temperature of this ChromoTek GBP:GFP complex to be as high as 83 °C and that the complex is almost insensitive to urea up to 8 M. This extraordinary stability of the ChromoTek GBP:GFP complex emphasizes why it is considered an excellent alternative to conventional immobilization techniques in biosensor-based technologies.

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