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When coffee matters. Prometheus NT.Hercules produces the world’s strongest coffee just in time for the holidays

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Dec 21, 2017

Mysterious Friday afternoon meetings were happening at NanoTemper’s headquarters in Munich. The project, only known as “SCP”, was being heavily guarded — everyone in the office was wondering what creative engineers, David Ng and Jonathan Derix, were up to behind closed doors. It couldn’t be a new product… could it? What could SCP stand for?

Just a bit of insider info — coffee is famously popular in all of the NanoTemper offices. There’s always chatter about who has the best coffee machine. So it shouldn’t have been a shock when SCP was unveiled, the Secret Coffee Project, at the NanoTemper Christmas party.

David and Jonathan were proud to introduce NanoTemper’s latest product, Prometheus NT. Hercules, to everyone’s delight.

Prometheus NT.Hercules precisely produces the world’s strongest coffee for coffee connoisseurs world-wide. Each shot uses 45g of coffee and produces 6X the strength of a normal, single shot of espresso! Totally new flavor profiles are achieved using low-temperature extraction.

Underneath the hood, are dual Sapphire pistons that generate 400 bar pressure (equivalent to 1.28 tons of force or water pressure that you would find at 4 kilometers below sea level) and similar to a regular espresso machine runs water through at 50 mL/minute.

David Ng and Jonathan Derix

And, of course, it operates as all NanoTemper instruments do with easy-to-use software that anyone can use. Operated by touch screen, users are able to easily adjust the volume of water and flow rate to produce a customized shot of espresso to their liking.

David explains the motivation behind Prometheus NT.Hercules, “Science and engineering runs on coffee, why not make coffee run with science and engineering?”

If you’re curious and want to experience the world’s strongest coffee first hand, we invite you to visit NanoTemper’s headquarters in Munich anytime you’re in town.