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The Destination Characterization Roadshow Speaker Highlight: Mariano Cardenas, PhD

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May 9, 2018

Join us at The Destination Characterization Roadshow on June 5th in Cambridge, MA. Learn about the latest in protein characterization tools from top researchers, peers and innovators.

Learn how Mariano used MST to help characterize binding interactions important in developing therapies for cancer

In this talk, “Rationally designed BCL6 inhibitors to treat Lymphomas and other types of cancers”, Mariano will share how MST helped him in the process of identifying a druggable BCL6 inhibitor that is a selective target of diffuse large B cell lymphomas (DLBCLs) and other BCL6-dependent cancers.

Meet Mariano

Mariano is a Research Support Specialist at the High-Throughput Screening and Spectroscopy Resource Center (HTSRC) at the Rockefeller University. He helps other scientists to design, miniaturize and validate assays for high-throughput screening and trains users in different biophysical and biological techniques. He did his PhD at the University of Buenos Aires, studying the mechanism of action of natural and Synthetic Flavonoids as antitumor agents. In 2011, he joined the lab of Dr. Ari Melnick, MD at Weill Cornell Medicine as Postdoctoral Associate where he validated different oncoproteins as druggable targets. Dr. Cardenas has identified different small molecule inhibitors to treat lymphomas and other types of cancers, and designed different biochemical and biological assays of high-throughput screening.

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