Know protein quality first and start getting consistent results

An important goal for all researchers is to ensure the protein samples they’re working with can provide consistent, reliable results. Any inconsistency in purity, concentration, size, or function of proteins from batch to batch can lead to slip-ups in experiments that waste precious time, money, and sample.

A key to being successful at purifying or characterizing a protein is to be confident that the samples you are working with are of the highest quality at all times. The Tycho™ NT.6 platform from NanoTemper Technologies is enabling researchers to validate, qualify, and record the structural integrity, similarity and functionality of samples before committing to any downstream experiments.

Regardless of the type of buffer or what step you are at during your experiment, the quality of your protein can be easily determined over a wide range of concentrations using Tycho.

In just 3 minutes, you can receive results about the similarity and functionality of purified protein samples using only 10 µL of material.

Having informative data about protein quality allows for fast and efficient optimization of assays.

Using Tycho, sample quality can be confirmed day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year. Swiftly monitor the effects of buffer formulation—pH, salt or ion concentrations—on the structural integrity of target molecules. Tycho can even quickly test and compare storage buffers and various temperature conditions.

With Tycho, you can identify the quality of any protein sample in 3 minutes using only microliters of material. Make your purification and characterization workflows more efficient, and stop doing those unnecessary experiments.

Start getting consistent results and learn more about Tycho.