Our Monolith Capillary kits are getting a new makeover starting October 1, 2017 thanks to you!

Fall always marks new beginnings and big changes. The NanoTemper team is never afraid to greet this time with bold updates of our own, but we always have you—our customers—in mind!

With that, you’ll notice our Monolith Capillary kits are getting a new makeover, based on the valuable feedback you shared with us.

Here are a few changes you can expect starting October 1, 2017:

Since many researchers are not using the supplied BSA and 0.2 mL PCR tubes, all Monolith Capillary kits will contain only our quality capillaries, MST buffer and respective detergent solution. We felt it best to not be wasteful.

And, in an effort to be more environmentally conscious, we’re switching to eco-friendly packaging materials and smaller boxes that will take up less space in your lab.

Finally, to go along with the reformatting, the kits will have new product names and catalog numbers. You can switch to ordering using these new names and catalog numbers in October. To make it easier for you, we’ve made a chart:

Current Product Catalog # Switch to New Product
(starting October 1, 2017)
New Catalog #
Monolith NT. 115 Series Standard Treated Capillaries MO-K002 Monolith NT.115 Capillaries MO-KO22
Monolith NT. 115 Series Hydrophobic Capillaries MO-K003 Monolith NT.115 Hydrophobic Capillaries MO-KO23
Monolith NT. 115 Series MST Premium Coated Capillaries MO-K005 Monolith NT.115 Premium Capillaries MO-K025
Monolith NT.LabelFree Zero Background Standard Treated Capillaries MO-Z002 Monolith NT.LabelFree Capillaries MO-Z022
Monolith NT.LabelFree Zero Background Hydrophobic Capillaries MO-Z003 Monolith NT.LabelFree Hydrophobic Capillaries MO-Z023
Monolith NT.LabelFree Zero Background MST Premium Coated Capillaries MO-Z005 Monolith NT.LabelFree Premium Capillaries MO-Z025


Two of our kits are also being discontinued:

  • Monolith NT.115 Series Selection Kit | Catalog # MO-D001
  • Monolith NT.LabelFree Selection Kit | Catalog # MO-D002

We hope these exciting changes make your bench roomier, your lab greener, and your life a little easier.

If you’re in Europe or the United States, you can shop for consumables using the online store. If you’re outside of Europe or the United States, you can request a quote for consumables. Thank you again for your continued support!