MST Symposium & Workshop at Institut Pasteur

MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) is used by thousands of scientists all over the world, in pharmaceutical industry as well as in basic research settings. Also, researchers from the renowned Institut Pasteur in Paris, France, are successfully employing MST.

A MST Symposium & Workshop is organized with the Institut Pasteur. This event will be taking place from March 3 ‑ 6, 2015, at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France. There will be several high-level scientific presentations on MST technology and applications by Gwenael RABUT (IGDR, Rennes, France), Olena PYLYPENKO (Institut Curie, Paris, France) and Nicolas Basse (UCB Celltech, Slough, UK). Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to measure their own samples on the Monolith instruments NT.115, NT.115Pico, and NT.LabelFree. Additionally, there will be the possibility to test the novel Prometheus NT.48 instrument which measures thermal stability of macromolecules using nanoDSF, a method developed by NanoTemper Technologies.