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NanoTemper Technologies takes on the reproducibility crisis, launches Tycho

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Jan 8, 2018


MUNICH, Germany: NanoTemper Technologies, the maker of life science tools for protein characterization, launched its latest system, Tycho NT.6, at the PepTalk conference in San Diego. Any researcher working with proteins that experiences irreproducible results needs Tycho to identify the quality of their starting material in order to prevent unnecessary experiments and questionable data.

“Tycho provides a very useful way to monitor protein quality throughout all stages of protein purification and characterization, providing crucial information on samples not detectable before,” says Dr. Gregor Witte from Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. “It has already greatly helped to optimize a number of research projects, from Cryo EM to multiprotein complex purification. It should become a standard tool for everyone working on protein biochemistry.“

Tycho identifies the quality and structural integrity of protein samples in just 3 minutes using microliters of material. Scientists can easily and swiftly test any protein sample type as-is, in any buffer and over a wide concentration range.

“Researchers are often working with material of unknown quality and are having difficulty reproducing their own results even though they’ve followed established protocols. An easy solution to gaining consistency is to know a protein’s quality first before proceeding further,” comments Stefan Duhr, CEO of NanoTemper. “Tycho is our first contribution to solving the reproducibility crisis that impacts all scientists daily, and our plan is to continue to provide products that tackle this issue.”

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