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New Application Note: Thermal Unfolding of Antibodies

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Mar 3, 2016

The Prometheus NT.48 with nanoDSF technology is the ideal instrument for rapid and precise thermal stability screening in biopharmaceutical development. The innovative features of this instrument allow for markedly fast analysis times and lower sample volumes. In a new study in collaboration with Coriolis Pharma, we demonstrate comparable precision and consistency in data acquired from both nanoDSF and the “gold standard” µDSC methodologies.

In addition to speed, precision, and throughput, nanoDSF is a robust method that does not require laborious sample preparation such as dialysis or filtration. It works in any buffer, even with detergents, and tolerates high viscosity samples that are typical in formulation studies.

Performing nanoDSF with the Prometheus NT.48 helps users overcome some of the cumbersome drawbacks associated with µDSC. The self-filling capillaries on the Prometheus NT.48 allow for easy sample handling, even for highly concentrated and very viscous samples. Additionally, the maintenance-free instrumentation does not require laborious equilibration and washing.

Download the full Application Note.