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The local’s guide to Oktoberfest

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Sep 18, 2018
Oktoberfest Featured Image

It’s that time of year again here in Munich — we’re mourning the loss of summer, kids are starting school, and oh yes, we’re gearing up for Oktoberfest.

You probably already know that people famously drink lots of beer and wear traditional lederhosen or a dirndl, but as a proud Munich-headquartered company, we have front-row seats to this global phenomenon as well as insider knowledge about what to do during the world’s most popular folk festival.

We asked around the office for recommendations about what to do, try and see during Oktoberfest.

Here’s what some of our employees told us.

Take a ride on the Teufelsrad (Devil’s wheel), which has been spinning since 1910. You’ll definitely be able to feel the force of gravity. 

–  Matthias


Eat first, drink later because the beer is stronger than you think.

–  Bea


Try a Radler. It’s a mix of beer and lemonade and that’s what the locals are actually drinking.

– Axel


I don’t remember.

– Anonymous


Check out Oide Wiesn. It’s the traditional Oktoberfest where you see quite a bit of history.

– Lea