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Why having a service contract for your lab instrument is crucial

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Sep 11, 2019

The sudden breakdown of a vital instrument for your lab can be a real bummer. But when it breaks after its warranty has expired and there’s no back up instrument, well now THAT can be devastating.

Besides its negative impact on the productivity of your lab, instrument failure outside of the warranty period can really bust your lab budget. However, there’s no need to struggle to come up with a solution when you can avoid being in that situation in the first place. In order to do so, it’s wise to opt for a service contract. Not only can this help you counteract those unexpected expenses, but it can also provide you with peace of mind by knowing the problem can be addressed by experts in a timely manner.

But what exactly is a service contract and what benefits can they offer to your lab? Let’s break it down.


Service contracts are not warranties

Although service contracts are often confused with warranties, they are not the same. A service contract — sometimes called “extended warranty” — is a buy-on option that covers specific repairs and labor that aren’t covered in full under the warranty or beyond its effective period.
A warranty, on the other hand, is a promise from a manufacturer or seller to stand behind a product during a specific period of time. It is attached to every new instrument purchase and is included in its price.

What are the benefits of purchasing a service contract?

Cost reductions on repair and maintenance services
Although breakdowns happen and costs can add up, a service contract can save you a lot of money both in unexpected repair costs and overall maintenance. Moreover, it ensures the protection of your equipment as soon as the warranty expires.

No need to shop around for service providers
Figuring out whom to contact in the event of an equipment breakdown can take a lot of time. With a service contract, however, you don’t have to spend time searching for a service provider to assist you; this is all set up when the service contract is purchased. Plus, the problem will be addressed by expert technicians in a timely and efficient manner.

Peace of mind
Through service contracts, you can take comfort in knowing that your instruments will be taken care of during every step of your ownership experience. Moreover, having a trusted single-source service provider can mitigate the concern of being “ripped off” on the repair.

Additional benefits
Many service contracts may also include additional benefits such as free tech support, on-site repair and even the supply of replacement equipment during the repair period. Also, they may include routine maintenance schedules that allow them to catch any serious issues before they become bigger problems.

Just as Murphy’s law would want it, unexpected and expensive instrument repairs are bound to hit you after a warranty has expired. However, with a service contract you can at least know that if it happens, you’ll be covered financially and can get your research back on track more efficiently. After all, we’ve all heard that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

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