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A Winning Team: Stability and Functionality of DNA Binding Proteins

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Oct 21, 2015

In the journal Nucleic Acids Research, a study has been published by de Lange et al. which investigates so-called TALE proteins (Transcription Activator-Like Effectors). These proteins bind their target DNA in a sequence-specific manner and are therefore an interesting tool for biotechnology.

The Prometheus NT.48 with its nanoDSF technology allowed to measure the stability of these designer-TALE like proteins in a label-free approach with highest precision, also proving that the chimera proteins are perfectly stable at the temperature used for functional assays, such as MicroScale Thermophoresis. Using MST, the authors could determine the binding affinities and specificities of different TALE protein constructs and chimeras towards different DNA substrates.

This study shows that nanoDSF and MST can be applied to support each other to prove stability and functionality of proteins of interest.

Click here to view the full publication.