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Andromeda Instrument for for expression screening and stability



Choose this system if you want throughput flexibility. Measure from 1 up to 48 samples in individual capillaries.


Andromeda Plex

Your best option if you prepare samples in 96-well plates. Lysates can be loaded into capillary chips directly from the wells.

Sample volume

10 µL

Sample handling format


Capillary chips

Samples analyzed per run

Up to 48 in single capillaries

24 in capillary chip

Temperature range

15 – 95 °C

Heating rate range

0.1 – 7.0 °C/min

Time per experiment
(48 samples measured from 20 – 95 °C
at 7.0 °C/min heating rate)

< 11 minutes

Fluorescent channels

RED (690 nm emission)
BLUE (530 nm emission)

Limit of detection

20 nM

AN.Control Software
Design, set up, and run experiments with ease


AN.Stability Analysis Software
Perform advanced data analysis across runs, merge replicates, and get instant statistics



35 cm W x 51 cm H x 52 cm D


30 kg

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