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Dianthus instrument

Dianthus Pico

Dianthus instrument


Biophysical modalities

Spectral Shift and TRIC


384-well plate (barcoded and sealable)

Fluorescent channels

1 (pico red)

1 (nano red)

Affinity range

250 pM to mM

5 nM to mM

Data points per run

Up to 384

Run time for 384 data points

33 minutes (Spectral Shift)
79 minutes (Spectral Shift + TRIC)

Time it takes to get a Kd
12-point dilution series

60 seconds (Spectral Shift)
132 sec (Spectral Shift + TRIC)

Reproducibility of affinity measurement
(32 biological replicates)

mean EC50 = 29 µM
95% CI [23.1 μM to 36.6 µM]

Sample volume/well

20 µL

Molecular weight range

101-107 Da

Temperature control

20-25 °C +/- 0.5 °C (actively controlled)


61 cm W x 42 cm H x 57 cm D


70 kg

Dianthus Pico



Able to integrate with liquid handlers and robotics

Compounds tested in 24 h
(single dose, in duplicate, plate feeder)


Kds measured in 24 h
(12-point dilution series, plate feeder)


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