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Monolith NT.Automated

Monolith NT.Automated + NT.Automated Screening Unit

Experimental time

30 minutes

Dynamic range

1 pM to mM

Detected molecule range
(MW and size)

101–107 Daltons
0.1 nm–1µm

Sample volume measured

3 µL

Walk away time

60 min (4 chips)

10 hrs (80 chips)

Temperature control

25 oC
actively controlled

Fluorescence channels

Up to 4 (Blue, Green, Red, Pico-Red, UV)


85 cm W x 63 cm H x 57 cm D

Additional bench space required for the HAMILTON Microlab STARTlet:
112 cm W x 90 cm H x 80 cm D


70 kg

145 kg

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