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Monolith Pico

The best choice for studying interactions spanning a broad range of sensitivity. Turn pico mode on to measure very strong interactions, or off for weak ones.


If you need the most flexibility when it comes to labeling strategy. Pick the two fluorescent channels you need the most.

Monolith LabelFree

When you want to measure interactions by detecting the intrinsic fluorescence of your target protein.

Time it takes to get a Kd

10 minutes or less (standard mode for binding affinity)

Dynamic range

1 pM to mM

1 nM to mM

10 nM to mM

Detected molecule range

101–107 Daltons

Minimum sample volume measured

4 μL

Samples per run

Up to 24

Temperature control

20-40 °C +/- 0.5 °C (actively controlled)

Fluorescent channels

1 (red) or 2 (red pico and blue)

2 (blue, green or red)

1 (UV)


36 cm W x 40 cm H x 58 cm D (71 cm D with drawer open)


27 kg

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