High throughput

NT.Plex plus NT.Robotic Autosampler

Hands-off automation

Samples per run

Up to 48

Up to 24 manually

Up to 1536 hands-off

Sample volume measured

10 µL

Detected molecule concentration range

0.005–250 mg/mL

Experiment time per run

15–95 minutes

Precision of 1 oC/min
thermal ramp

± 0.2 oC

Temperature control

Temperature range: 15 oC–95 oC (at 25 oC, ± 0.1 oC)
Optional upgrade:15 oC–110 oC (at 25 oC)

Fluorescence detection

330 nm and 350 nm


35 cm W x 51 cm H x 52 cm D


30 kg

Optional upgrades

Aggregation detection optics

High temperature upgrade

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