Janssen Biotherapeutics – Sathya Venkataramani, PhD

Leading the biophysics team in JBIO at Janssen since 2017, my goal is to build an industry leading biophysics team using all high throughput screening assays to enable rapid lead selection. Two of the critical properties of mAbs are conformational and colloidal stability. These play an uncompromised role in determining both in-vivo behavior and successful manufacturability. The first instrument that I bought to build out our HTP screening for hit selection is the Prometheus. While there are other HTP instruments for determining the thermal stability of molecules, they were not up to my expectations in terms of quality and reliability of data, material consumption, analyst friendliness, and time required to generate the data.

Prometheus nanoDSF has become part of our routine HTP screening workflow that uses only micrograms of purified proteins. We have done 1000s of experiments using Prometheus to determine the intrinsic stability of hits in different experimental conditions, and Prometheus continues to provide the quality and reliability of Tm and Tagg determination our work demands. Our data has also supported the accuracy in the measurement of Tm as verified with other methods such as DSC. I am very pleased with this discovery and highly recommend Prometheus to be part of antibody discovery and development workflows at any company.

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Sathya Venkataramani, PhD
Associate Director, Intrinsic Property Assessment – Biophysics Group
Biologics Development Sciences Department
Janssen Biotherapeutics