The Destination Characterization Roadshow brings some of the most experienced scientists together for a day to share their research findings, provide a channel for networking with like-minded individuals, and inspire ideas for tackling challenges in research. Hear how researchers like you have benefitted from using NanoTemper products to further their research.

Whether you are interested in learning more or have experience with identifying protein quality, measuring binding affinity or characterizing protein stability, you’ll walk away from this event with valuable research insights, a connection with others in your field, and we also hope, a little bit of fun.




Dr. Bernhard Valldorf

Principal Scientist, EMD Serono Research & Development Institute


Dr. Mariano Cardenas

Research Support Specialist, High-Throughput Screening and Spectroscopy Resource Center, The Rockefeller University


Thomas Cottle

Research Assistant, X-ray Crystallography Core, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Dr. Muthuraman (Muthu) Meiyappan

Head of Analytical Research, Discovery Therapeutics, Shire Pharmaceuticals


Dr. Norman Lee

Director of Chemical Instrumentation Center,  Boston University


Hosted at The Fable.

8:30 Networking Breakfast & Check-in
9:00 Welcome from Dr. Stefan Duhr, CEO, NanoTemper Technologies
9:15 Identifying Protein Quality with Tycho NT.6
9:30 Improving Protein Purification Workflows by Identifying Protein Quality with the Tycho NT.6 — Thomas Cottle, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
10:00 Characterizing Protein Stability with Prometheus (nanoDSF)
10:15 Q&A on Formulation Development Using Prometheus (nanoDSF) with Dr. Bernhard Valldorf from EMD Serono Research & Development Institute
10:45 Networking Break
11:00 Measuring Binding Affinity with Monolith (MST)
11:15 Rationally Designed BCL6 Inhibitors To Treat Lymphomas and Other Types of Cancers — Dr. Mariano Cardenas, The Rockefeller University
11:45 Find Your Career Path — Get insights from Dr. Muthuraman (Muthu) Meiyappan, Head of Analytical Research, Discovery Therapeutics at Shire Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Norman Lee, Director of Chemical Instrumentation Center at Boston University
12:15 Networking Lunch

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Tuesday, June 5 2018 | 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM

ArtScience Culture Lab & Cafe

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