Make your SPR workflow smoother, more efficient, and less costly with Tycho

In Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) assays, just like in any biophysical or biochemical experiment, it’s important to make sure the samples used are suitable for the job. Low quality proteins can lead to tedious assay optimization, hard-to-understand results, and the need for professional support to work out what’s wrong. Adopt Tycho into your routine to avoid these issues and become more productive.

Tycho tells you about the quality of your protein

In a single 3 minute experiment, and using only 10 µL of sample, Tycho tells you whether your protein is folded and functional – so that you can know whether it’s good to go.

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Increase your SPR productivity at every step

by making sure your proteins are the best they can be

Be confident in your SPR results

Have you ever been puzzled by your data? Maybe you were expecting an interaction to be visible with SPR and it wasn’t, and it made you question the functionality of your interactants. Or maybe you followed the exact same protocol as always and got different results that left you confused. Tycho can show you whether your protein is functional, and whether your new protein batch is as good as the last one. Find out before you even start your experiment, so you don’t have to guess what happened.

Free up valuable time on the SPR system by speeding up your assay development

Use Tycho to figure out the best experimental conditions. A Tycho run only takes 3 minutes for up to 6 samples. With the insight gained from a Tycho run, you’ll get your SPR assays run faster, and you’ll need less time on the SPR system which frees it up for somebody else to use (or for you to run even more assays!).

Don’t pay for unnecessary troubleshooting

When you get questionable results, you may go looking for the problem in the SPR system. Getting help from the supplier is expensive and there isn’t always a fast resolution to the problem. Wouldn’t it be great to know if the sample is the issue rather than the SPR system? By using high quality, folded protein in your experiments, you can reduce the need for troubleshooting, and keep your costs and downtime low.

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Get Tycho for your lab

With Tycho, rest assured that your protein will perform. Choose the right running buffer, one that maintains the activity of your immobilized protein. This way, you get more out of each immobilization and spend less on sensor chips.

Make sure your proteins are functional for the whole assay

Often, you have to use low pH to immobilize your protein, but some proteins really don’t like low pH. Are you sure that your chosen conditions are optimal for maintaining activity of the protein and getting lots of data from one surface? Find out in 3 minutes which immobilization condition keeps your protein folded and ready to give you the best binding signal, before you even begin.

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Avoid immobilizing unfolded protein

If you have more than a few potential binders to screen, you can run pre-screen thermal shift assay on Tycho. Move forward to your surface plasmon resonance assay only with those molecules that show an interaction.

Don’t waste your time on non-binders

Happy proteins make happy researchers! Want to get happier?

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Tycho は、タンパク質の構⁠造⁠的⁠完⁠全⁠性(⁠ま⁠た⁠はフ⁠ォ⁠ー⁠ル⁠デ⁠ィ⁠ン⁠グ⁠性⁠)を調⁠べ⁠るこ⁠と⁠によ⁠っ⁠てタ⁠ン⁠パ⁠ク⁠質の品⁠質を検⁠証⁠し⁠ま⁠す⁠。温⁠度⁠勾⁠配⁠が適⁠用⁠さ⁠れ⁠る⁠と⁠、タ⁠ン⁠パ⁠ク⁠質⁠中のト⁠リ⁠プ⁠ト⁠フ⁠ァ⁠ンお⁠よ⁠びチ⁠ロ⁠シ⁠ン⁠残⁠基か⁠ら⁠の⁠、350 nm お⁠よ⁠び 330 nm の両⁠方で検⁠出⁠さ⁠れ⁠る固⁠有の蛍⁠光の変⁠化が測⁠定⁠さ⁠れ⁠ま⁠す⁠。蛍⁠光⁠シ⁠グ⁠ナ⁠ルにお⁠け⁠るこ⁠れ⁠ら⁠の変⁠化⁠は⁠、タ⁠ン⁠パ⁠ク⁠質のフ⁠ォ⁠ー⁠ル⁠デ⁠ィ⁠ン⁠グ⁠状⁠態にお⁠け⁠る遷⁠移を示⁠し⁠ま⁠す⁠。転⁠移が起⁠こ⁠る温⁠度⁠は⁠、変⁠曲⁠点⁠温⁠度(Ti )と呼⁠ば⁠れ⁠ま⁠す⁠。蛍⁠光⁠度はサ⁠ー⁠マ⁠ル⁠ラ⁠ンの間⁠に測⁠定⁠さ⁠れ⁠、比⁠率とプ⁠ロ⁠ッ⁠ト⁠さ⁠れそ⁠し⁠てTi を算⁠出⁠す⁠るた⁠め⁠に使⁠用⁠さ⁠れ⁠ま⁠す⁠。  実⁠行⁠中のシ⁠グ⁠ナ⁠ルの変⁠化(Δratio)と共⁠にそ⁠の初⁠期⁠値も記⁠録⁠し⁠ま⁠す⁠。

Determine the right buffer recipe for your SPR assay

Use Tycho to identify the right buffer for every step of your SPR assay, for example the best pH for covalent immobilization of your protein on the chip surface. Not all proteins survive low pH conditions! Checking ahead of time whether your protein stays folded allows you to choose a condition that will immobilize your protein *and* keep it happy. You can check up to 6 conditions in one Tycho run, so 3 minutes is really all you need.



Confirm whether your protein (still) binds

Need to quickly see if there’s an interaction at all? Run a quick check with Tycho to find out if your protein interacts with another molecule – even another protein. There are many good reasons to do this: test your protein with your positive control analyte to confirm if it’s still functional after some time at room temperature, or in the presence of solvents like DMSO. Or, use it to identify and eliminate non-binders early, allowing you to focus your valuable SPR time only on the binders.

Verify similarity between batches

Got a fresh batch of protein? Want to know if it will perform like a “good” batch you’ve already worked with? With Tycho, compare the structural integrity of different batches to verify their similarity. This allows you to spot irregularities or contaminants before you proceed to your surface plasmon resonance assay. Working with high quality samples will result in more consistent SPR results that are easier to interpret and can be reported confidently.


Tycho を使うのはと⁠て⁠も簡⁠単⁠で⁠す⁠。た⁠だ画⁠面⁠上の指⁠示に従⁠っ⁠て実⁠験を始⁠め⁠て⁠く⁠だ⁠さ⁠い⁠。デ⁠ー⁠タ⁠整⁠理のた⁠め⁠に⁠、実⁠験の実⁠行⁠中にサ⁠ン⁠プ⁠ルに名⁠前を付⁠け⁠てく⁠だ⁠さ⁠い⁠。そ⁠れ⁠が終⁠わ⁠っ⁠た⁠ら⁠、生⁠デ⁠ー⁠タ⁠、自⁠動⁠的に分⁠析⁠さ⁠れ⁠た結⁠果⁠、そ⁠し⁠て要⁠約⁠さ⁠れ⁠た数⁠字のす⁠べ⁠てを便⁠利⁠です⁠ぐ⁠に共⁠有⁠で⁠き⁠るフ⁠ォ⁠ー⁠マ⁠ッ⁠トでエ⁠ク⁠ス⁠ポ⁠ー⁠トす⁠る⁠だ⁠け⁠で⁠す⁠。

Tycho Cloud


Tycho.Cloudは、クラウドベー スの高度なデータ分析シ ステムです。このクラウ ドを利用することで、実 行データの比較やグラフ 化、サーマルシフト実験の 自動分析などを含めた 様々なデータ分析を行う ことができます。

Tychoにアクセスできる方 はどなたでも、Tycho.Cloudをご 利用になれます。Tycho.Cloudは まだテスト段階であり 、完璧な状態ではござ いませんが、お使い後 にフィードバックを頂 ければ開発に反映させ て頂きます。



Tycho と微量のサ⁠ン⁠プ⁠ルを使⁠っ⁠てい⁠ろ⁠い⁠ろた⁠く⁠さ⁠ん(⁠あ⁠る⁠い⁠は最⁠小⁠限⁠)の⁠こ⁠と⁠がで⁠き⁠ま⁠す⁠。正⁠確に製⁠造⁠さ⁠れ⁠た小⁠型のガ⁠ラ⁠ス⁠キ⁠ャ⁠ピ⁠ラ⁠リ⁠ーを使⁠用⁠し⁠て正⁠確な結⁠果が得⁠ら⁠れ⁠る⁠の⁠で⁠、分⁠析は事⁠実⁠上あ⁠ら⁠ゆ⁠る種⁠類⁠のサ⁠ン⁠プ⁠ルで行⁠う⁠こ⁠と⁠がで⁠き⁠ま⁠す⁠。サ⁠ン⁠プ⁠ルは毛⁠管⁠力⁠によ⁠っ⁠てキ⁠ャ⁠ピ⁠ラ⁠リ⁠ーに引⁠き⁠込⁠ま⁠れ⁠る⁠た⁠め⁠、ピ⁠ペ⁠ッ⁠テ⁠ィ⁠ン⁠グ⁠は不⁠要⁠で⁠す⁠。貴⁠重なサ⁠ン⁠プ⁠ルを無⁠駄⁠にす⁠る⁠こ⁠と⁠はあ⁠り⁠ま⁠せ⁠ん⁠。

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