MO.Control does most of the work

Anyone in the lab can run experiments — MO.Control software calculates all the volumes and dilutions needed to run an assay. With guided setup, real-time optimization hints, and built-in knowledge-based advice, users feel confident their experiments will run smoothly. MO.Control saves time by automatically calculating binding affinity values and instantly generating complete result summaries. Reporting results is super easy.

Guided assay setup

Anyone in the lab can run experiments on the Monolith. Experience MO.Control software with step-by-step walk-through of assay planning and preparation.

Prepare samples right

Let MO.Control software do the thinking for you and save time on calculating dilutions. Get detailed sample preparation instructions, then print and take them to your bench.

Instant Quality Checks

Feel confident assays will run smoothly. Key experimental parameters are constantly monitored to offer recommendations for assay optimization.

Automated Data Analysis

Everyone knows data analysis is the most frustrating part. MO.Control software instantly analyzes measured data and determines Kd and EC50 values.

Complete Result Summaries

Need to report on all experiments? Archiving of all settings and results makes reporting with all the details easy.

Added Expertise

Want to know more? The integrated NanoPedia knowledge base acts as an additional guide and provides all the expertise we’ve collected over the years.

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