Get the original system to measure binding affinities in solution. Get Kds in minutes using very little sample.

Always be ready for your next project

Because Monolith is free of fluidics, there is no cleaning, priming, calibration or flushing needed between runs or even between projects.


Monolith NT.115

Crowd favorite for binding interactions

Monolith NT.115Pico

Detect affinities in low pM range

Monolith NT.LabelFree

Analyze label-free using intrinsic fluorescence

Need a capillary-based, high throughput screening solution? Take a look at the Monolith NT. Automated     Learn more

Software that makes sense

All Monolith systems from the original NT.115 lineup come with control software that makes sense. Use MO.Control and MO.Affinity Analysis to get the best user experience from assay setup, automatic Kd values, and advanced data analysis.



MO.Control software makes it so anyone can get Kds. With guided step-by-step planning and assay setup, users feel confident their experiments will run smoothly. Get binding values instantly and one-click exportable results. Compatible with Monolith NT models only.
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MO.Affinity Analysis

As the ideal complement to MO.Control, MO.Affinity Analysis enables advanced data analysis like merging, grouping, or comparing data sets. Easily report results with presentation-worthy data and publication-ready figures. Compatible with Monolith NT models only.

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