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Dianthus NanoPedia Excitation Power

Excitation Power

The excitation power is the strength of the LED used for excitation of Fluorophores. In DI.Control the Excitation Power can be set to Auto-Excitation or to a manual setting. In the Auto-Excitation mode the Dianthus instrument determines the best Excitation Power setting based on the sample in the first Well to be measured (Dianthus adjusts the excitation power to reach an Initial Fluorescence count of 12500). Therefore, this setting should be used carefully if significantly different sample brightnesses is expected within one experiment. When using manual setting, adjust the excitation power so that the Fluorescence signal of the sample is within the required range. An ideal value is between 10000 and 14000 fluorescence counts. To ensure comparability of data, the same excitation power should be used for data sets that will be compared.

Note: The minimum fluorescence count required for Dianthus measurements is 1000, while the detector reaches saturation at 24000 fluorescence counts. These values apply whether Pico Detection is activated or deactivated.

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