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Dianthus NanoPedia Protein Labeling

Protein Labeling

One of the most common ways to make a given target protein fluorescent is to attach organic Fluorophores by means of different labeling chemistries. NanoTemper Technologies provides different protein labeling kits with different labeling chemistries.
The available kits are

  • NHS-ester labeling for the covalent labeling of amines (mostly lysine residues)
  • Maleimide reactive labeling for the covalent labeling of cysteine residues
  • tris-NTA labeling for the non-covalent labeling of His-tags


Please also read the article on Fluorophores for further information.

After the labeling reaction, we strongly recommend determining the Protein concentration and DOL. The DOL (degree of labeling) can be easily calculated using the Degree-of- labeling Calculator on

Tip: For high throughput applications we strongly recommend using Large Volume kits to label target proteins in larger batches.

Tip: Use the NanoTemper Protein Labeling Assistant. When you choose NanoTemper labeling kits — available in different chemistries and with optimized fluorophores — you get high-quality data from your assays. This interactive protein labeling assistant will help you find the best labeling strategy and labeling kit for your target protein.

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