Why choose Prometheus?

Get precise, quantitative results early on from discovery to validation and production. Use Prometheus to generate precise unfolding temperatures (Tm and Tonset), critical denaturant concentrations (Cm), free folding energy (ΔG and ΔΔG), and aggregation results (Tagg). Be confident about moving forward with the right choice every step along the way.

How does Prometheus compare to other tools?


arrow Get better data quality
A high density of data points means better data quality and seeing details missed by other technologies.


arrow Consume a lot less sample
Samples are precious so using less to do more is always the goal. Requiring low volumes and concentrations is always a plus.


arrow Save your consumables
Use only what’s necessary, not what’s dictated by the consumable format. Decide to run 1, 48 or any number of samples in between.

Scientists who require precise results trust Prometheus


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