Why choose Prometheus Panta for protein stability characterization?

Get high-resolution data early on from discovery to validation and production.
Whether you’re working in drug discovery and development for biologics, or gene therapy, use Prometheus to perform precise multi-parameter stability characterization for your proteins and AAV vectors.

Get data on thermal unfolding, particle sizing, and aggregation simultaneously throughout the entire thermal ramp, and be confident about moving forward with the right candidate every step along the way.

How does Prometheus Panta compare to other systems?

Prometheus Panta

Get all the information you need to characterize your biologics or profile your gene therapy vectors in one experiment

So you gain a deeper understanding of your candidate’s behavior when correlating your conformational and colloidal stability results.


Generate precise, high-resolution data and reliable results every time

Get the kind of stability data you need to clearly see domain-specific differences between your biologics molecules, or discriminate serotypes for your AAV vectors, which makes it easier to decide which candidates are best to work with moving forward.


Measures label-free, under native conditions

Detect your samples with intrinsic fluorescence and avoid introducing dyes that risk complicating your data interpretation. Measurements in any buffer means little or no sample prep.

Scientists who require precise results trust Prometheus Panta


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